ASR Grants & Awards

2017 Lifetime Achievement Award for Contributions to the Sociology of Religion

The Association for the Sociology of Religion is pleased to announce a call for nominations for its first Lifetime Achievement Award for Contributions to the Sociology of Religion.  This is an award that is to recognize a career or a long period of contribution – it is designed to consider an awardee’s corpus of work as a whole.

The primary criterion for the award is major intellectual contributions, theoretical or empirical, within the sociology of religion.  While contributions to other subdisciplinary fields could be important for consideration, contributions to the sociology of religion are to be the centerpiece.  A secondary criterion will be contributions to the organizational or professional thriving of the sociology of religion.  This could include organizational service (such as presidencies, journal editorships, etc.) or noted mentoring and teaching.

Any member of the Association for the Sociology of Religion can nominate a candidate for the Lifetime Achievement Award by submitting to the committee listed below:  1) a letter of nomination; and 2) an up-to-date curriculum vitae of the nominee.  Supporting letters from members other than the primary nominator are not encouraged, although a co-authored letter of nomination is acceptable.

  • Note that while the nominator must be a member of the ASR, the candidate need not be.
  • Note that once a person is nominated, that person’s candidacy remains active for five (5) years and will be considered by the Award Committee each year during that period.

Nomination letters and c.v. should be emailed, as pdf attachments, to each committee member.  Nominations must be received by May 31, 2017 to be considered for this year’s award.  The winner will be announced at the annual meeting in Montreal, August 2017.


Amy Adamczyk, John Jay College, CUNY

Nancy Tatom Ammerman, Boston University (chair designate)

Michele Dillon, University of New Hampshire

Rhys H. Williams, Loyola University Chicago (chair)