Grants & Awards

2015 Distinguished Article Award

Award Objective:

The 2015 ASR Distinguished Article Award will recognize the most outstanding journal article published by an ASR member or members between January 1, 2013 and April 30, 2015. The award identifies an article that offers an exceptional contribution to the sociological study of religion.

Nomination Requirements:

Nominations may be made by the article’s author or co-author, another ASR member, or the editor of the journal in which the article was published. Any nominated article is required to have been published in a journal that uses a refereed (peer-review) process. The article must have been published in a print (hard-copy) journal between the dates specified above. The journal may have an online publication platform that is similar or identical to its print journal format. However, articles published in online-only journals are not eligible for nomination. Works published only in an anthology (e.g., edited book, handbook) are not eligible for consideration. The author (or, in the case of multiple authors, at least one author) must be a member of the ASR prior to the article’s nomination.

Nomination Procedures:

Electronic copies (PDF, Portable Document Format) of nominated articles must be received by all committee members on or before Thursday, May 1, 2015. The individual nominating the article is responsible for sending the PDF copy to all committee members at the following email addresses. A brief justification for the nomination must accompany the transmission of the article. That justification should underscore the significance of the article being nominated (novel empirical insights, theoretical innovations, advancement of the field, or other significant elements). Self-nominations are welcome, and the awards committee will also conduct a search of published works for candidates for this award.

Alex Bierman, Chair,

Nicolette Manglos-Weber,

Mark Chaves, Duke University,

Article Evaluation Criteria:

The committee will evaluate the quality of scholarship exhibited in the article, which may include (but is not limited to) theoretical, empirical, and methodological considerations. Additional consideration will be given to the significance of the article’s contribution to the sociological study of religion and to broader societal understandings of religion.


The award will be presented at the opening reception of the 77th Annual Meeting of the Association for the Sociology of Religion (August 20-22, 2015, Chicago, Illinois, USA). The award includes a certificate of honor and $500. In the case of multiple authors, the monetary award will be divided among the authors. The award recipient(s) need not be present at the meetings to accept the award, although participation in the meetings is welcome and encouraged. An article that does not win the award in a given year can be nominated again in a subsequent year provided its publication date falls within the date parameters set for the subsequent year’s award. That article would also have to be nominated again in adherence to the award nomination procedures.