ASR Grants & Awards

2017 Distinguished Article Award

Award Objective:

The 2017 ASR Distinguished Article Award will recognize the most outstanding journal article published in any issue of volume 77 of Sociology of Religion. The award identifies an article that offers an exceptional contribution to the sociological study of religion.


All articles published in volume 77 of Sociology of Religion will be considered for this award.  No nominations are necessary.

Article Award Committee:

Mark Chaves, Chair, Duke University,

Rahsaan Maxwell, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill,

Chaeyoon Lim, University of Wisconsin-Madison,

Article Evaluation Criteria:

The committee will evaluate the quality of scholarship exhibited in the article, which may include (but is not limited to) theoretical, empirical, and methodological considerations. Additional consideration will be given to the significance of the article’s contribution to the sociological study of religion and to broader societal understandings of religion.


The award will be presented at the opening reception of the 79th Annual Meeting of the Association for the Sociology of Religion (August 12-14, 2017, Montreal, Quebec). The award includes a certificate of honor and $500. In the case of multiple authors, the monetary award will be divided among the authors. The award recipient(s) need not be present at the meetings to accept the award, although participation in the meetings is welcome and encouraged.