ASR Committee Chairs have wide discretion in determining how much work their committees will actually undertake within a given year. Committee chairs are appointed by the incoming President and serve for a year during his or her term. They may be reappointed, or not, at the discretion of the next President. Unless specifically provided in the by-laws (Nominations; Program), a committee chair is not a voting member of the committee s/he chairs or of Council unless s/he is already a member of the committee or of Council for the year in which s/he is also made chair. Per Robert's Rules the non-voting committee chair may break a tie.

Committees are required to report to Council at the annual meeting. This meeting of Council is held the night before the opening session of the annual meeting. Committee chairs are responsible for seeing that this report is provided in timely fashion. This report should be written. It may be supplemented by an oral presentation. The Association provides dinner on this occasion but no other reimbursement. Personal attendance by the chair or a designee is not required but is appropriate if the Committee is making recommendations that will require Council action.

Committee chairs are also expected to keep a file on the work of their committee during their tenure and to pass that file to their successors. In practice, some committees have been much better about this than others.

Committee chairs receive no remuneration for their work, though in cases where specific functions requiring the expenditure of funds are required (e.g., the mailing of manuscripts), if a chair specifically requests remuneration for this purpose and provides receipts of his/her expenditures, it will be reimbursed by the Executive Officer. Committee chairs who initiate work on their own, however, should not subsequently request reimbursement, unless they have previously cleared the specific expenditure with the Executive Officer.