The Development Committee is charged with responsibilities "to advance the Association's long-term financial condition (including investments and fund-raising) and generate financial support for the annual meeting in its various locales."

In current practice, it is the latter of these two charges that is emphasized, inasmuch as the Association's investments are in the hands of a professional financial planner and reviewed annually by Council. In another era, the Development Committee literally kept the organization afloat from year to year.

Operationally, the Development Committee does not function as a committee at all. Rather, the members form a list of successorship to the position of Chair of the committee from year to year, subject to review by the incoming president for the year when each is to chair.

The Chair in any given year, then, is charged with raising funds and collateral support for the meeting when it is in his or her city. At a minimum this means: (1) supplemental funding for the Furfey Lecture reception, preferably no less than $1,500; (2) support hardware, at least in the form of folder covers for the registration packets (currently numbering 250); (3) a contact list for local media. Ideally, more funding will be raised to assist with additional opportunities for social interaction for the members and more hardware (pens, pads, pencils, etc.) will be provided.

How the chair goes about doing this is largely at his or her discretion. Some chairs have done the work on their own. Others formed what is in effect a subcommittee to assist them. Both strategies have worked well for the Association, though chairs who do not form a subcommittee may feel exhausted and a bit put upon at the end. The Executive Officer is available to come to the meeting city and meet with subcommittees to encourage and enable this process, and to provide lists of members who can serve on the subcommittee.

The ASR is not the only association seeking financial support at the time and place of its annual meeting. Other associations, including ASA, also seek support, hence it is important in most instances to make support garnering a priority relatively early in the new academic year.