About the Association

Current Officers, Council Members, and Committees


President:  Michael O. Emerson, North Park University (2016-2017 President), moe@northpark.edu

President-Elect:  Dan Olson, Purdue University (2017-2018 President), dolson@purdue.edu

Immediate Past-President:  Lori Beaman, University of Ottawa (2015-2016 President), lbeaman@uottawa.ca

Executive Officer:  Rachel Kraus, Ball State University (2016-2020),  ASREO@bsu.edu

Non-Voting Members of the Executive Council

Executive Officer:  Rachel Kraus, Ball State University (2016-2020), ASREO@bsu.edu

2017 Program Chair:  Di Di, Rice University, Dd20@rice.edu

Editor of Sociology of Religion:  Gerardo Marti, Davidson College (2017-2019), gemarti@davidson.edu

Voting Members of the Executive Council

The President and President-Elect (as named above)

9 Elected Council Members (3 of which are elected each year to serve a 3-year term; the year term expires is in parentheses):

Richard Flory, University of Southern California (2017), rflory@usc.edu

Giuseppe Giordan, University of Padua, Italy (2017), giuseppe.giordan@unipd.it

Milagros Peña, University of California – Riverside (2017), milagros.pena@ucr.edu

Mary Ellen Konieczny, University of Notre Dame (2018), Konieczny.1@nd.edu

Lisa D. Pearce, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (2018), ldpearce@unc.edu

Jeremy Uecker, Baylor University (2018), Jeremy_Uecker@baylor.edu

Ruth Braunstein, University of Connecticut (2019), ruth.braunstein@uconn.edu 

Inger Furseth, University of Oslo (2019), inger.furseth@sosgeo.uio.no

Kevin McElmurry, Indiana University Northwest (2019), kmcelmur@iun.edu


Standing Committees (and year term expires)*

Publications Committee:

Chair:  Terrence Hill, University of Arizona (2017), terrence.hill@soc.utah.edu

Elaine Howard Ecklund, Rice University (2018), ehe@rice.edu

Christopher Ellison, The University of Texas at San Antonio (2017), christopher.ellison@utsa.edu

Joy Charlton, Swarthmore College (2019), jcharlt1@swarthmore.edu

Development (or Finance) Committee:

Chair:  Ted Long, President Emeritus of Elizabethtown College and former President and Executive Officer of ASR (2017), longte@etown.edu

Michael Emerson, North Park University (2018), moe@northpark.edu

James Cavendish, University of South Florida (2019), jcavendi@usf.edu

Membership Committee:

Chair:  Gabriel Acevedo, The University of Texas at San Antonio (2017), gabriel.acevedo@utsa.edu

Michael Wilkinson, Trinity Western University (2018), michael.wilkinson@twu.ca

Katie Corcoran, West Virginia University (2019), kecorcoran@mail.wvu.edu

International Liaison/Gallagher Grants Committee:

Chair:  Jean Beaman, Purdue University, 2017 Chair (2018), beamanj@purdue.edu

Damon Mayrl, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (2017), dmayrl@clio.uc3m.es

Elisabeth Arweck, University of Warwick (2019), elisabeth.arweck@warwick.ac.uk

Joseph Fichter Award Committee:

Chair: Richard Pitt, Vanderbilt University (2017), r.pitt@vanderbilt.edu

Cathy Holtmann, University of New Brunswick (2018), cathy.holtmann@unb.ca

Dawne Moon, Marquette University (2019), dawne.moon@marquette.edu

Robert McNamara Award Committee:

Chair:  Sabrina Danielsen, Creighton University (2018), SabrinaDanielsen@creighton.edu

Aida Ramos-Wada, The University of Texas at San Antonio (2017), aida.ramos@utsa.edu

Stuart Wright, Lamar University (2019), stuart.wright@lamar.edu

Distinguished Article Award Committee:

Chair:  Mark Chaves, Duke University (2017), mac58@soc.duke.edu

Rahsaan Maxwell, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (2018), rahsaan@email.unc.edu

Chaeyoon Lim, University of Wisconsin-Madison (2019), chaeyoon.lim@wisc.edu

Lifetime Achievement Award Committee:

Chair: Rhys Williams, Loyola University Chicago (2017), rwilliams7@luc.edu

Amy Adamczyk, City University of New York – John Jay (2017), aadamczyk@jjay.cuny.edu

Michele Dillon, University of New Hampshire (2018), michele.dillon@unh.edu

Nancy Ammerman, Boston University (2019), nta@bu.edu


*NOTE:  Members of Standing Committees serve for three-year terms.  They are not members of Council, and therefore do not vote.  Incoming members are appointed at each Annual Meeting by the outgoing President.  The year in which the member’s term expires is in parentheses.  Chairs of these committees are appointed at each Annual Meeting by the incoming President and serve as chair for the duration of his/her presidency.


Ad Hoc Committees**

2017 Annual Program Committee:

2017 Program Chair:  Di Di, Rice University, dd20@rice.edu

2017  President:  Michael O. Emerson, North Park University, moe@northpark.edu

Executive Officer:  Rachel Kraus, Ball State University, ASREO@bsu.edu

Resolutions Committee:

Chair pro tempore:  Rachel Kraus, Ball State University

**NOTE:  Members of Ad Hoc Committees serve for one-year terms.  The Immediate Past President serves as chair of the Committee on Nominations and the Incoming President appoints the other members of this committee as well as the Program Chair for the year of his/her presidency.   Members appointed to Ad Hoc Committees are not members of Council, and therefore do not vote.