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2014 ASR Membership Survey

Between April and June, 2014, current and recent members of ASR were invited to complete a member survey designed by the ASR Membership Committee to help chart ASR’s path into the future.  Respondents were asked their opinions about such things as the current operations and mission of ASR; the frequency, duration and quality of our meetings; the quality of our publications; what they like about being a member of ASR; and what ASR can do to better reach out to graduate students.

The survey was sent to 785 members and former members, and reminder emails were sent once a week during the first month of the survey’s activation, and every other week thereafter until the middle of June.

Of the initial 785 separate email invitations sent, 23 were bounced emails.  561 (or 71%) of the 785 email invitations sent were opened, and of the 561 people who opened the email invitations, 439 (or 78%) started the survey.  Of the 439 respondents who started the survey, 373 (or 84%) made it to the very end.  As you will see in the attached report, the initial questions on the survey were completed by as many as 415 respondents, but since 13% reported having been a member of ASR for less than 1 year, it is understandable that later questions were completed by slightly fewer respondents (i.e., those who joined just recently didn’t have a basis for answering many questions).

Initial Report Generated by Qualtrics on July 25, 2014

Report Presented to the ASR Executive Council on August 13, 2014