The International Liaison Committee is "responsible for promoting participation in the activities of the Association by scholars from outside the United States, coordinating activities of the Association with those of international associations, and facilitating international communication among scholars in the sociology of religion."

In practice the International Liaison Committee has had two primary functions:

  1. Arranging joint sessions across the programs of the various societies and subgroups interested in the sociology of religion throughout the world--though in practice primarily between ASR, SISR/ISSR, and RC22. Ideally we would like to have jointly sponsored sessions across each other's program at each meeting of each of these groups. At times such efforts have led to such publications as special issues of journals or free-standing collections.
  2. Working to ensure that calendars of other such groups (including smaller regional/national groups and interdisciplinary groups) do not conflict with the calendar of ASR. Because the ASR meets on a fixed schedule with respect to ASA and ASA plans approximately four years in advance (sometimes more), ASR deems it desirable that other groups who plan on a shorter lead time work to take into account the dates that our historic relationship to ASA dictates for our meetings.

Ideal members of the committee will be persons who are well networked into the international meetings scene. They will also know a sufficient number of colleagues so that they can take a leadership role in arranging joint sessions.

The committee meets primarily through emails, which its chair should take the lead in initiating.